Welcome to Pocatello High School

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Our Vision

The Pocatello/Chubbuck School District empowers all students to attain high levels of learning and become responsible, contributing citizens in a democratic society. Each student will demonstrate academic and technological competency, develop an appreciation for the arts, and acquire the skills necessary to live a healthy lifestyle.

Our Administrators

•Don Cotant, Principal
•Lisa Delonas, Vice Principal
•Robert Parker, Vice Principal, Athletic Director

Our History

Pocatello High School has a tradition that dates back to before the official founding of the town. According to the Bannock County Historical Society, Pocatello High School was built during the late spring and summer of 1892 at a cost of $18,281 and was originally called West Side School. The school held all grades. Few believed there would ever be enough children to fill it. While the building did burn completely to the ground in 1914, the rebuilt school still reminds present and past students and staff of education richly steeped in tradition. This lengthy tradition is the source of Poky Pride.