Intro To Engineering

Students will Focus on:

 Problem Solving Skills

 Work Ethic


 Technical Communication Skills

†††† Trimester Projects




Q: How can I learn more about the PSAT?


A: Follow this linkÖ.† https://www.collegeboard.org/psat-nmsqt/preparation


Q: Will my Dual Enrollment or Tech Prep credits transfer to the college that I will be attending?


A: This website attempts to answer the above question.††††† http://www.idtransfer.org/

†††† You may also contact the registrarís office of the college in question.


Q: Will these credits count towards my degree?


A: Contact the registrar of the college in question. It may be the case that the credits will be recognized by a particular college, however, the credits may not count towards the degree being sought. Be sure to ask that question specifically.


Q: How do I apply to ISU College of Technology for official transcripted Tech Prep credits?


A: Upon successful completion (80% or higher) of 2 trimesters of Intro to Engineering, ISU will mail an application form to the address listed in your CATEMA account. You have up to 2 years from completion of the course to use this application to request the 3 Tech Prep credits recorded on an official ISU transcript. The credits will be 1 credit for ESET 0100 Engineering Technology Orientation and 2 credits for ESET 0296 Independent Study. A transcription fee of $10.00 per credit will be charged.† FMI contact ISU College of Technology


Q: Are there funds available to help pay for these credits?


A: Possibly. You may qualify for the Idaho State Department of Educationís Fast Forward Program. For more information, follow the link below.