9th Grade Physical Science Chemistry Resources

Chapter 1

Intro to Science


Power Point


TP Lab


Metric System Measurement Mini Lab


Coin Lab



Test Review Guide


Practice and Review Lab

Chapter 2



Power Point


Nuts and Bolts Lab


Density Lab


Physical Separation Lab Discovery


Physical Separation Lab Unknown


Slime Lab


Test Review Guide


Bird Seed and Beans

Physical and Chemical Changes

SyllabusLab Safety Agreement
Graphing Instructions

Chapter 3

States of Matter


Power Point


Mass and Volume Quick Lab


Cloud Lab


Test Review Guide

Chapter 4

Atoms and the Periodic Table


Power Point


Black Box Lab


Rutherford Lab


Mini Hindenburg Lab


Why do some metals cost more than others? Lab


Test Review Guide


Element Discovery

MetalsNonMetals Lab

Chemical Activity Lab



Chapter 5

Structure of Matter


Power Point


Molecular/Ionic Mini Lab


Gold Penny Lab



Test Review Guide

Chapter 6

Chemical Reactions


Power Point


Products Mini Lab


Conservation of Mass Lab



Test Review Guide


Evidence of Chemical Change Lab


Chemical Reaction Types Lab

Chapter 7



Power Point




Test Review Sheet

Chapter 8

Acids and Bases


Power Point


Cabbage Lab


Test Review Guide

Chapter 9

Nuclear Changes


Power Point


Test Review Guide


Half Life and Chain Reaction Lab

Fission/Fusion Lab