Hello Mr. Patch, remember me? just curious to see how you are doing at

> century. i just finished my first week at BSU. I kinda wanted to thank you

> because your class helped prep me for college chemistry and it will be a

> lot easier. ID 2010


Hi Mr. Patch,

It is good to hear back from you. Really college is a lot more lax on class

attendance schedule. Instead of 7 hour days 5 days a week you have 2 hour

days sometimes, days with 6 hours of class but a couple 1 to 2 hour breaks .

however, the responsibility to study is placed on you more than in high

school. i already miss my high school teachers. many times your professor

will be an expert in their field but they have had no teaching training and

don't have a standard expectation of them so they may teach for 20 years but

not become a better teacher. high school teachers are often more skilled at

teaching their subject and so, being more specialized, get better results

from their students. that is if the students have the same willingness to

learn in both cases. educational success i believe is based on a combination

of the students willingness to learn AND the teacher's ability to get a

point across clearly. Anyway have fun with your new students and continue to

encourage them to ask questions! ID 2010


1 thing i noticed in my first chem lab today was that they use standard

deviations. I think that maybe later in your class you should at least

mention or have the students do a couple of standard deviation problems so

that they can be a little bit familiar with it before college. just a

suggestion. ID 2010


i have a problem how do i find the mass percent of sodium chloride

when i know the density of water is .997992g/mL and that the density of an

unknown dihydrogen monoxide/sodium chloride is 1.15g/mol? they are both

based on the same volume of 5mL. ID 2010


Dear Mr. Patch,

I am currently in a Chemistry class at the University of Colorado Denver, and I found that everything that you have taught me has really paid off.  I want to ask your permission if I can still use your power points that you post online.  I am not sure why, but they way that you teach and explain things make much more sense to me. 

Thank you,

CM 2010


Mr. Patch,

Yes of course you can post my e-mail, but you should fix the couple of typos in it.  Oops :)  I don't mind if you use my name either. I plan on sharing your power points with others in my class.  I feel so much farther ahead of everyone, so I end up helping a lot of my classmates.

Thanks again, CM 2010